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«Zaubertrank» (Magic Potion)

Authors: Irene Züst & Sibylle Raths

Illustrator: Carole Isler

The nursery school Kita Bärenhöhle (bear’s den), Frauenfeld (CH) celebrated its 15th anniversary and performed the musical Zaubertrank (Magic Potion). Carole illustrated the book on the musical.

Thank you very much for your passion or motivation: children and team of Kita Bärenhöhle, Jugendmusikschule Frauenfeld, pupils at the Erzenholz School, Kathrin Bünter, Sibylle Raths, Irene Züst, Ruth Roth and parents

Zaubertrank / front and back cover / 2019 / watercolor and acrylic on paper / 29.7 x 21 cm